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path finding it’s going to be

Breadth-first search animationI’ve thought long about an event-driven game, but I couldn’t think of an easy and fun game. So I have a new plan now. I am going to make a little piece of the game. I also got then something to show, and something I can later use. I will try to make some code for path finding, in a simple windows UI.

I’ve done some research about path finding before. There are a lot of algoritm’s for pathfinding. The one which is mostly used in games is the A* algoritm. I’ve found some tutorials which I can use to fully understand the algoritm.

Most of these tutorials are about the A* algoritm used in a square based raster. At first I am going to follow that, but when I understand it good enough I am going to alter it, so it can be used for an hexagon based grid.

Even with a raster I am not going to use A* at first. I am going to use Breadth-first search, this is an very basic and easy algoritm to find the fastest path between two places. So why not use this algoritm for games, because it’s very inefficient.

I am going to post a greater topic about path finding when I quite understand it.

To windows

I’ve almost finished my books about c++ programming. I always want new challenges so I have started with a book about windows programming. Next to that I want some practice in programming, so I am going to start a simple project, focused on windows programming.

Windows is event driven, so it’s difficult to design a game in windows without direct input. So I am going to try to design a game, the game mustn’t be to hard to develop. But must give some challenge to build. I hope I can think of an event driven game. If it doesn’t work out I am going to make an other windows program, so I will get anyway some practical experience.

2nd semester

I am a student at AVANS college in Den Bosch. In this semester we’ve got a few important courses. We’ve got now Java programming with BlueJ, next to that we’ve got OOAD which is about object orientated design. With OOAD we learn a lot of UML, so we can in the future not only read it, but also write it. And at last we’ve got a project about a warehouse system. With the project we must use everything we’ve learned in practice. It’s obvious the most fun part in this semester.

For this project I must develop with 2 other classmates a simple program for a robot, which is actually a Boe-Bot. Because we’re with three of us, we have cut the program in little pieces. Every piece is going to regulate and manage a part of the system. I must do the top level control, so I must put the little pieces together, to one program. This is obviously the most fun part of the whole system ;-), but off course also alot of work. Especially because I haven’t made any code yet. I will post some pieces of my work, when I am finished.

Starting with c++ programming

About a half a year ago I started with C++ programming. I started C++ programming because I want to develop games. I searched for a few books and I came here. So I’ve bought the book C++ without fear. This book is very good. Not only because it explains C++ very well, but also because it explains why it’s the way it is.

Now I am half a year further and I’ve just finished the book. So I started with a new one. Practical C++ programming. I am almost finished with that one. So then I am going to search for a book about graphics programming in directX or OpenGL. After that, I can start with developing games.

I already got some idea’s for the game. It’s going to be a grid based rts game. The grid in the game is going to be very important. The grid is going to be made from hexagons. At first the game will be in 2d. After I finished that, I want to start with making everything 3d. I must keep that in mind, while programming, so I wont have to change to much.