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I’ve spend the whole weekend with one tutorial for slick. I had one problem with that tutorial. In the eclipse IDE the applet would load, but in a browser it wouldn’t. After two days searching to find the problem, I’ve finally found it, the jar where the applet is in, must be sealed. And now, it’s working =D. Here is a link to it. The most simple controls are:

  • w = forward
  • a = left
  • d = right
  • 1 = zoom out
  • 2 = zoom in

Now I can go further with the other tutorials :-).

Another hello world

Woohoo, I’ve got another hello world working, and this time totally. Even in chrome. Also it’s got opengl support. One drawback of this, is that you get a security warning, because LWJGL which I use, need some files to be installed, to get this support, but he, you can’t have everything.

Here’s a link to the hello world.