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I’ve been playing around with pulpcore and I’ve made a simple program where you can change the states of the tiles on the raster. I can use this for some testing with pathfinding. Oddly enough my code doesn’t work on google chrome, but it does work on Internet explorer, I haven’t tried other browsers, but I think it’s because the browser thinks there’s an security issue. I hope I can find this issue. When I’ve found it, I will obviously update this post.

Here it is.

To windows

I’ve almost finished my books about c++ programming. I always want new challenges so I have started with a book about windows programming. Next to that I want some practice in programming, so I am going to start a simple project, focused on windows programming.

Windows is event driven, so it’s difficult to design a game in windows without direct input. So I am going to try to design a game, the game mustn’t be to hard to develop. But must give some challenge to build. I hope I can think of an event driven game. If it doesn’t work out I am going to make an other windows program, so I will get anyway some practical experience.